Training 培訓

trainingOne of the core objectives of the British Chinese Heritage Centre is to train interns and volunteers with the skills that would be necessary and helpful to become involved in the main tasks of the projects. The training sessions have covered some different topics bringing in experts from various fields. All the areas that were covered by training had direct relevance to aspects that those working with the project would undertake, such as oral history training, video editing, an introduction to content management systems, research methods, and graphical representation of the workforce. Recently we have also welcomed training sessions from experts at History Pin, London Metropolitan Archives, the National Army Museum and Dragonpage to deliver insightful sessions for our volunteers.  As part of the training sessions, we have also offered volunteers educational visits to exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum and talks at the British Library.We hope that by bringing people together we have passed information to generations and communities and given our volunteers useful skills that they can utilise on this project and within their career.

Training workshops are for project volunteers only.

Please email to confirm your attendance. 

Date Training workshop Trainer Venue 
14:00, Thursday 11 Feb 2016 Conservation of DunHuang manuscript and scrolls (currently full) Wong Wingyui British Library
10:00-13:00, Tuesday 1 March 2016 Oral History Interview Training  Robert Fleming Tuke Common Room, Tuke Building, Regent's University London (RUL)
10:30-15:30, Saturday 5 March 2016 Research Method on Community Heritage Workshop part 1 Dr Diana Yeh Darwin 02, Regent's University London (RUL)
10:30-15:30, Saturday 12 March 2016 AV Training session 1 Richard York T217 (Mac Lab), Tuke Building, RUL
10:30-15:30, Saturday 23 April 2016 AV Training session 2 Richard York T217 (Mac Lab), Tuke Building, RUL
(dates TBC) Research Method on Community Heritage Workshop part 2 TBC RUL
(dates TBC) Digital Heritage 1-day session TBC RUL