British Chinese Food Culture


BCFCprojectlogos Food is international as well as very cultural, it reaches our hearts through the stomach and gets our attention by its tastes, quality and presentation. Overseas Chinese always carry their "Chinese stomachs" wherever they go, and bring Chinese food to every corner of the world. Ming-Ai (London) Institute started this project in March 2011 with the support of Heritage Lottery Fund. The heritage focus for this project is to track the changes of Chinese food in the UK, from how the original recipes were adapted by environment changes and use of different ingredients, to how it got back to original ingredients and recipes with the import of more oriental foods.

民以食為天,自古中國文化與飲食息息相關;無論華人走到那裡,心思都離不開家鄉美食,自然而然帶著中國胃飄洋過海。明愛(倫敦)學院榮獲「文化遺產獎劵基金」資助,正式在2011年3月展開為期一年的項目 —「英國中餐文化」。此項目旨在輯錄研究中菜在英國的起源與發展,從原有菜譜如因應環境變遷與材料缺乏而改動,到東方食物的 入口增長而回到原有的口味及煮法!




Our heart-felt thanks to those who have supported the project behind the scenes, without their helps we are not able to get to this far.

Karen Broutsos, Ben Cheng, Barbara Grainger, Deborah Hedgecock, Juidth Garfield, Grainne Grabowski, Kamsang Law, Lin Law, Luica Law, Melissa Law, Gwen Liao, Maureen Roberts, Michele Smith, Xiaoxiao Sun, Luisa Vogoliolo-Welch, Richard Wiltshire, Alan Worsfold, Rachel Yang, Belinda Yip, and Pauline Yip.

Bruce Castle Museum, Cherry Famrs, Ching Hing Ltd., Europe Commerical News, Global Federation of Chinese Business Women (UK), Good Earth Group, Green Jade Restaurant, Harbour City Restaurant, Hoo Hing Ltd., Kaifeng Glatt Kosher Chinese Restaurant, Lee Kum Kee (UK) Ltd., London Metropolitan Archives, National Maritime Museum, North China Restaurant, Poons, Restaurant Privilege Group, St Joseph's Primary School, St Martin-in-the-Fields, St Michael's Catholic College, Tzu Chi College of Technology (Taiwan), Tzu Chi (UK) Foundation, UK Research & Development Centre fro Chinese Traditional Culture, W. Wing Yip Plc., Westmaill Foods and Westminster Academy.

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