Elena Barabantseva (Audio Interview)

Elena Barabantseva (Audio Interview)

Elena Barabantseva

Elena5Elena Barabantseva discusses her experience in academic research on Chinese history and the Chinese community at the University of Manchester, UK, 18th July 2014.

Dr. Elena Barabantseva is Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Politics, School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester.

Recent research project: 'British Born Chinese' documentary film

Latest publications:

‘When Borders Lie Within: Ethnic Marriages and Illegality on the Sino-Vietnamese Border’, International Political Sociology (2015) 9: 352-368.

‘From “Customary” to “Illegal”: Yao Ethnic Marriages on the Sino-Vietnamese Border’, Special issue of Cross-Currents E-Journal (No15), June 2015

‘Seeing beyond an “ethnic enclave”: the time/space of Manchester Chinatown’, Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, 23(1) 2016: 99-115. http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/muhK8Wv6wXCHTIfb8wEC/full

(co-authored with Andy Lawrence) ‘Encountering Vulnerabilities through “Filmmaking for Fieldwork”, Millennium: Journal of International Studies 43(3) 2015: 911-930, http://mil.sagepub.com/content/43/3/911.abstract