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Below are the eBooks of 'Forgotten Wave' and 'English Guide'.

'Forgotten Wave', written by Kenneth H.C. Lo and published in 1947 by the Padiham Advertiser Ltd, Padiham, it provides us with stories and sketches from the Chinese Seamen who were active during the second World War. The stories within the book contribute to our knowledge of the Chinese seamen working in the seafaring industry at this time with rare and interesting accounts. This book is kindly provided by Dr Vivienne Lo, the daughter of the late Kenneth H.C. Lo.

'English Guide', First published in 1932, the eBook is the 6th Edition, published in 1947. It is an old book that was used by Cantonese speakers to assist with their learning and use of the English language and customs. It provides much of the terminology Chinese people might require, aiding with written and conversational English across a range of subjects. This book is kindly provided by Pauline Yip.

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《遺忘之潮》:作者羅孝建先生,於1947年由​ Padiham Advertiser 公司出版。此書圖文並茂,記載了活躍於二戰時期的中國海員鮮為人知的有趣故事,填補了我們對這段中國海員歴史的了解。此書由羅孝建先生的女兒羅維前博士提供,特此鳴謝。