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Welcome to the British Chinese Heritage Library. This page contains the projects research and interview output, as well as more information about the projects activities. Please use the Side Bar to the right hand side to navigate around the library.

In the [Articles] section you will find research articles on the main workforce industries covered by the project so far written by guest academics as well as project staff and volunteers.

In the [Resources] section you can find out more about our Collection Guide for Cultural Heritage Groups, which is available for free. You may access four Lesson Plans developed for Key Stage 3 students which are also free to download and use. The educational materials are based on the findings of the British Chinese Workforce Heritage project and include many different topics. If you have further questions about these resources please do not hesitate to get in touch. In this section you can also find out more information about the recently developed MA in Chinese Cultural heritage Management, developed from project research.

Finally through the [Memories] section you can read more stories about the Chinese workforce in Britain, and even submit your own.

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