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The content of the Interviews section, including interviewee profiles, audio content, video content, translations and images are the property of Ming-Ai (London) Institute.  These  materials are  also available at  the London Metropolitan Archives.  For copies of full transcription or summary of any interview please contact us with some information about your research and which interviews you are interested in using.  If you wish to use the materials for academic purposes, please cite Ming-Ai (London) Institute as the author and copyright owner. When using an interview or quotation in your work, citation should follow the following format: 
- [Interviewee name] Interview, Ming-Ai (London) Institute, [Project name] Project, [dd/mm/yy].

採訪的所有內容,包括採訪者的簡介、音頻及視頻內容、翻譯及圖像皆屬明愛 ( 倫敦 ) 學院版權擁有倫敦大都會檔案館亦存有這些資料。如欲索取文字轉錄或撮要者,請與我們聯絡並列明研究題目及欲索取之採訪如果你希望使用資料作學術研究,請註明作者及版權屬於明愛 ( 倫敦 ) 學院所有若採訪記錄被應用,請用以下引文方式
- [被訪者名字] 採訪記錄, 明愛(倫敦)學院, [項目名稱]項目, [年份/月份/日期].