Lady Maurine



Ships and women have this in common: they are both beautiful, and that no doubt is why ships are always referred as “she.”  There are of course, degrees of beauty.”  - Alexander Grantham, 30 July, 1953

船和女人的共通點就是她們都很美麗,難怪船會被稱為『她』。當然,其美麗程度是各有千秋。」- 亞歷山大 ∙葛量洪 1953年7月30日

Project Background

Maurine (previously named as “The Lady Maurine Hong Kong”) had served as the governor’s vessel officially for over 45 years in Hong Kong’s colonial history from 1953 to 1997.  She was named after the wife of Sir Alexander Grantham, and had served eight governors starting from Sir Alexander Grantham.  The Lady Maurine was probably best known for carrying every arriving governor from Kai Tak Airport to Edinburgh Place for welcoming ceremony and hosted many royal members who visited Hong Kong.  Numerous governors, nobilities, and politicians had so far made this journey on the Lady Maurine.  She has a length of 27.7m, a beam of 5.7m and is of steel framed construction with wooden planking.  The engines are twin 8L3 Gardners of 226KW total power and provide a speed in excess of 10 knots. The vessel was auctioned off by the Hong Kong government after 1997 to a businessman who attempt to restore its past glory, however it was destroyed in a fire accident in a dockyard in Aberdeen, Hong Kong in 2011.  It is now under restoration.

Our Hertiage Team is going to trace back its history through collective memory, please visit our website from time to time for update information.