Intangible Cultural Heritage: Mid-Autumn Tranquillity

MID-AUTUMN TRANQUILLITY - Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office promotes intangible Cultural Heritage with Food Celebration in London


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The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London launched the Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival with its international symposium on May 15th 2017. The festival consists of a series of events and an exhibition that forms part of the London Economic and Trade Office programme to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The Mid-Autumn Tranquillity event was held on September 21st in Crowne Plaza London - the City. Organised by Ming-Ai (London) Institute, with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London, the celebration was held to commemorate the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival. The evening’s Mooncake-making demonstration was a major highlight. For this special occasion, two Michelin Star awarded chefs from Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan Restaurant, Chef Mak and Chef Leung, who have dedicated their careers to delivering only the highest quality dim sum, were happy to share their cooking and expertise with the evening’s guests. Later, in a hands-on Dim Sum Workshop, lucky guests were invited to join chefs Mak and Leung in making the same springrolls, siu mai and wontons for themselves to take home. In addition, food teachers who have been taken to Hong Kong for a culinary and cultural adventure by Ming-Ai (London) Institute and Lee Kum Kee Europe Ltd, shared their experiences of Hong Kong after the screening of a video depicting trip highlights. Other elements of intangible cultural heritage included the Calligraphy corner, Hong Kong waffle vendor, Lion Dance performance, and the screening of the Hong Kong award winning film “In the Mood for Love”.

MC Andy Kwok, Director of Ming-Ai (London) Institute, announced the commencement of the evening and introduced the programme. In his words, “Food is the most accessible, but also the most easily misrepresented intangible, with the likes of cheap takeaway food and supermarket representations. Our aim is to educate that Chinese food is not all about sweet and sour chicken, most ordinary Chinese people do not eat like that at home.” Maria Chong, Managing Director of Lee Kum Kee Europe Ltd, reinforced this statement by emphasizing, “Through food we are all connected. For historical and geographical reasons Hong Kong offers a unique yet diverse gastronomy”.

Next up in the Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival Series is the free exhibition (November 15-25) - a journey of discovery highlighting many aspects of Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The Mid-Autumn Tranquillity was sponsored by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, and supported by Hong Kong Tourism Board, Intangible Cultural Heritage Office, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Crowne Plaza London - the City, Lee Kum Kee Europe Ltd, British Airways, The Good Earth and NosTEAgia.