The Team 團隊

{tip Chungwen Li 李中文 - Project Director::Chungwen initated the idea to compile an oral history record for the Chinese workforce in the UK, then developed and executed the pilot project "The Evolution and History of British Chinese Workforce" in 2009 to tell the stories.  The positive feedback led to the current one in which she had spent over 18 months with an expert team to plan and develop.  She manages the project, establishes partnership collaboration with potential organisations, develops the training sessions and internship programme, and supervises on project finance and progress.

Chungwen is the Dean of Ming-Ai (London) Institute.} chungwenli1 {/tip}
{tip Aubrey Ko 高文卿 - Project / Education Coordinator::Aubrey has extensive experience in project management and planning. This project is the fourth oral history project she works on. She plays many roles in this project including planning and supervision, handling budget and cost, coordinating with working partners, volunteers and interns, conducting interviews and writing articles etc. In short, her job is to keep track of project progress and ensure that the project will be delivered in high quality.

She thinks that working with a group of interns and an army of volunteers is a very interesting and enjoyable experience.}aubreyko1{/tip}
{tip Rosa Kurowska 柯羅薩 - Project Coordinator::Rosa started on the project internship scheme in 2012 before being promoted to the role of project coordinator in Nov 2013. Rosa supports volunteers with their work and plans oral history interviews and events for the project including leading two heritage walks in her local area, Limehouse. She also works on formulating project research, translating summaries, creating articles and curating several project exhibitions.
In March 2015 she coordinated the project's conference and final exhibition: 'Thinking Chinese,思 華 - 華 思,' working in partnership with UCL History department to bring together fourteen speakers; two round table debates; an exhibition and performance events focused on ideas and representations of 'Chineseness' in the UK and beyond.
Previously, she worked and studied in Sichuan and Yunnan before returning to complete her Masters in Chinese History at SOAS. Back in London, she has enjoyed finding creative ways to explore the city's diverse history. Rosa is interested in the contradictions history can offer to conventional narratives and the social potential of oral history for communities. She has several years experience as an EFL teacher and youth mentor, working and campaigning with migrant and human rights groups. She brings this passion to her work, encouraging public engagement with the project.}rosa1{/tip}
{tip Jingxiang Shi 史競翔 - Project Officer::Jingxiang Shi (Steven), one of the project officers at Ming-Ai, is a young energetic media professional from China. Steven is naturally curious of almost everything, so to say he has a wide range of interests and hobbies. With bachelor’s degree in Journalism and master’s in Transnational Communications & Global Media, Steven is mainly responsible for taking care of media related production, such as interviewing, writing articles, photographing, video production, graphic design, etc.

Self-motivated, versatile and full of ideas, Steven can MAKE: tea / Chinese knots / a difference / change happen / stuff get DONE / beautiful things, and so on. He is therefore very busy in the team. Whoever has problems would be told: “Ask Steven”, sometimes with “…to do it!” followed. 

Steven, however, knows he still has a lot, and is eager to learn. He believes learning is a lifelong process, through which he can achieve self-fulfilment. That's why he loves this project - doing something he can do, while learning new skills at the same time.}jingxiangshi1{/tip}
{tip Benjamin Fielden 田源 - Project Officer::Benjamin Fielden, 田源 (Tián Yuán) but no relation to the singer, comes from some place in the North of England where people have strange accents and used to work down mines. It is only upon leaving his home town with its low male life expectancy that he could safely begin to truly call himself "northern".

Graduating from SOAS following three years of studying Chinese history in 2011 and reading the little red book, Ben began the long march of life. After spending time becoming an artiste extraordinaire of latte art he threw away the barista robes and came to join the British Chinese Workforce Heritage. Ben's role in the project has been conducting English interviews, then doing almost everything after that including transcripts, audio editing and video editing. His masterpiece will be the promotional video for the project, already glowingly dubbed by some as "okay" and "adequate". Being the only non-Chinese speaking gweilo in the office he can often be found lost and confused.

Away from the life of the office it is said that he is often found contemplating systems of knowledge and the anarchy of liberago from language. He invests his time (and sadly money) in the endeavour of travel, hoping one today to leave these islands for good. Those who have heard him speaking are often lulled into sleep by his continuous narrative of how to be more thrifty and his salient attempts to cook the meal that costs nothing.}benfielden1{/tip}
{tip Yijing Li 李一婧 - Project Officer::After graduating from London College of Communication in 2012, Yijing is now a graphic designer who takes on all kinds of designing task, particularly in publication design/editing and illustration. She is also a photographer doing her own project.

Her role as a project officer includes creating the project logo; developing the project’s visual identity system; designing relative publicities; taking photographs; selecting and editing images etc. Currently working on the project’s photo exhibition.

She is very curious, keen to try and learn different things, but being proved not to be a promising Cantonese speaker.}yijingli1{/tip}
{tip Laura Pitkin 柳文玉 - Project Officer::Laura graduated from UCL with a BA in Geography before going on to study for a Law degree at the College of Law, achieving a distinction in her Legal Practice Course. Following a year studying Mandarin at Tsinghua University in Beijing she returned to London, and interested in exploring her Chinese heritage further, she began volunteering with Ming-Ai.

As a Project Officer, Laura has written the Collection Guide for Community Heritage Projects and worked on educational development including the design and development of Ming-Ai’s MA in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management and visited schools as part of Ming-Ai’s Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors Project. For the British Chinese Workforce Heritage Project, she has also been part of the interviewing team, contributed to research articles and worked on the British Chinese Heritage Centre.

Laura is a lifelong fan and season ticket holder at Watford Football Club. She also loves to travel and learn about new cultures, especially trying new food!}laurapitkin1{/tip}
{tip Sherri Wong 黃秀怡 - Project Officer::I am a British Born Chinese, with parents from Hong Kong and Malaysia. After completing a Geography undergraduate degree at UCL, I joined the project in the summer of 2013. For the past two years I have juggled my studies in MSc Migration, Mobility and Development at SOAS and my work at Ming-Ai.

Being a Project Officer, my role included website content management and transcribing in the first year. Staying with the project until the end has allowed me to expand my involvement in conducting interviews, creating videos and planning exhibitions. I have really enojyed sharing the interviewees’ stories in exhibitions and bringing them together in the final promotional video.

I play Canoe Polo competitively (think kayaking, basketball and rugby) with the University of London's club and enjoy outdoor activities in general. I will someday be able to read, write and speak Mandarin… I'm getting there slowly, and brushing up on my Cantonese, with help from my brilliant colleagues at Ming-Ai, starting with re-learning how to write my name in Chinese!}sherriwong1{/tip}
{tip Han Tao 陶涵 - Project Officer::Han joined the project team in July 2013 and she is responsible for project content development and curation for exhibitions. She helps design project exhibition, translate interview records and conveying the project outputs in an accessible and engaging way.

Han has volunteered in other community heritage projects, gaining experience in this field. She also has been involved in the UCL-Geffrye exhibition project where she led a communication team to conduct exhibition evaluation, promote the exhibition through digital marketing and build relationship with the third party. Han has a BA Hons International Communications (University of Nottingham).

Han completed her MA dissertation based on her experience in this project and successfully attained her MA degree in Cultural Heritage Studies (UCL) in 2014. Recently, Han moved to Hong Kong, the starting place of the British Chinese history. With a passion and knowledge for cultural study, Han is working at a marketing research and consulting company, which mainly focuses on researching the differences between Chinese and Western cultures. Being a part of her work, Han still enjoys talking with different kinds of people and finding out about their unique stories. Actually, she thinks she has been a part of the British Chinese history herself!}hantao1{/tip}
{tip I-Chen, Stella Chen 陳薏媜 - Project Officer::I am a student from Taiwan who had studied in China for eight years. Graduated from Graphic Design in Camberwell College of Arts, now I start my MA Graphic Moving Image in London college of Communication (LCC). The great memory from the experience as a volunteer for Ming-Ai in 2013 makes me continue to serve as a project officer.

From Taiwan to China, from China to London, it has always been an interesting subject for me to explore and investigate how outsiders settle down in a place of new. And Ming-Ai offers a platform for these untold stories to be told and shared. According to the information from oral history interviews and archival research by our marvellous team and volunteers, I build up the bridge between people and stories as a visual communicator. The tasks I have been involved cover photos for interviewees, website layout and graphics design, exhibition panels design and related publicities like posters and invitations. This year we are going to embrace five coming exhibitions! How exciting it is!!

Although under the pressure of time and school projects, I still wish to submit the best and proper design I can get to present our project’s progress and outcomes so that I can live up to the effort and sweat from our team and volunteers. Ming-Ai is more than what it is. It is what we are and what we can achieve together.}Stella1{/tip}
{tip Paulina Kanarek 包麗娜 - Project Officer::Paulina is currently completing a bachelor's degree in Chinese and Economics at SOAS. Previously she studied Mandarin at Beijing Normal University and National Kaohsiung Normal University in Taiwan.

She has joined the project team in 2014 and her main responsibilities include doing research for the exhibitions, proofreading and formatting the interview transcripts as well as helping with the design of the lesson plans.

Paulina enjoys doing sports after work. In her free time she plays tennis with SOAS Women’s tennis team or just swings through the air on the flying trapeze.}Paulina1{/tip}
{tip Angelo Raffaele Ippolito 石瑞弗 - Project Officer::Raffaele is a young Italian student in London. He is very interested in Chinese culture and language. His body language and obsession with feeding his colleagues make him easily recognisable at Ming Ai.

Raffaele is a second year undergraduate student reading Social Anthropology and Development Studies at SOAS. He is gradually focusing his academic curriculum on the ethnography of China and its economic development.

He has previously worked for organisations promoting intercultural education and youth leadership. After teaching in Xiamen for a few months, he has joined the British Chinese Workforce Heritage Project internship scheme in 2014. His role in this project involves interviewing Chinese community members and guarantee on the quality of the interviews, making sure they have been transcribed accurately. He is also in charge of creating new lesson plans for key stage 3 students.

Raffaele loves spending his weekends getting lost or wondering around London and trying new types of cuisines. He has committed his love and spirit to Chinese and Italian food.

He is now off to Taiwan for a gap year to study Mandarin and work on his independent study project in Taichung, hopefully learning some Hokkien as well.}Raffaele1{/tip}
{tip Yokie Lai 黎綺琦 - Project Officer::Yokie Lai, as described by her flatmates “a child trapped in an adult’s body”, has been brought up in urban areas for too long, to the point that she found herself outside an abandoned nightclub in Tottenham Hale and believed she had made it to the mythical “countryside”.

Despite her linguistic major, Yokie is incapable of reduplicating any accent in the world, including Chinese. Speaking Cantonese as her mother tongue, her work in Ming-Ai often involves transcribing/ translating and conducting interviews with people who prefer to be interviewed in a language with 6+3 tones rather than the international Germanic language.

Outside of the office, Yokie is also a big fan of Asian cooking, horrible sad emo music, travelling and all things Casserole or Pokémon.}Yokie1{/tip}
{tip Ambra Savoldi 薩安珀- Project Officer::Having recently moved to London with (many) a suitcase full of books about international politics, mismatched wooden chopsticks and Italian coffee, Ambra joined Ming-Ai as the juniorest Project Officer internship at the very beginning of 2015. She is attending SOAS to complete her MA in International Relations, strongly focusing on China and East Asia, trying to brush up on her Mandarin skills and, oddly enough, venturing into the dark and evil field of Business Studies (but she would also take Anthropology or Philosophy courses, maybe even some Astrophysics, if given the chance).

Proud multi-tasker, and partially unable to walk without tripping over her own feet, she helps with website management, exhibition, transcripts and proofreading. She will probably raise her hand and enthusiastically volunteer to do most tasks at the office, to spoil everyone with food and plan dinners and parties.

She is extremely interested in research-based projects, building bridges between the EU and Asia, and, well, in making a difference. Next steps? Academia, a career in politics, joining a start-up: she believes that anything is within her reach, with (more than) a little help from her Italian-ness and a peculiarly jiaozi-shaped heart.}Ambra Savoldi1 Rounded corner{/tip}
{tip The Equipment 器材::The equipment of the British Chinese Workforce Heritage project is truly the unsung and silent hero. Always quiet and patient when dealing with interns and volunteers it never complains to those who use it incorrectly, nor does it grumble as it is dragged around from interview to interview without a break. Made up of camcorders, cameras, audio recorders, microphones and tripods the equipment is a diverse but complimentary modern family that drives a modern oral history project.

Recently the equipment has been busy travelling, from Hong Kong to the perilous north of England. Sadly the strain of interviews and clocking up air miles has not been without its tragedies, all equipment may be born equal but not all are destined to live out that life to its end.

The equipment is excited about completing the project so that it can take a much needed rest. Upon retirement it wishes to indulge in recording whale sounds in the Pacific Ocean, perhaps an unrealistic ambition due to its vulnerability to water but we can all dream.}Equipment1{/tip}