Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors 健康中餐大使

HCCA LOGO Final2The "Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors" (HCCA Project) stems out of the British Chinese Food Project as a project that promotes healthy Chinese food and the art of Chinese cooking techniques in secondary schools. This is delivered through cooking demonstrations at schools, short presentations on British Chinese food culture, Chinese cuisines, and sauces, etc., and Chinese cooking training workshops for teachers.

These free programs are sponsored by Lee Kum Kee (Europe) Ltd. In response to rising obesity among children, there is a greater need than ever to equip children to understand and learn about healthy cooking. In the past Chinese food has been linked with unhealthy and greasy styles that do not properly represent the healthy diversity on offer within the cuisine.

The Ambassadors project aims to share information with students and teachers on the practice of healthy cooking in a Chinese style and hopes that they will become 'ambassadors' for healthy Chinese cuisine amongst their friends and family.


The HCCA Project has been running since 2013. The Project's Phase 1 was completed in 2014, and by the end of the school year, it reached 17 schools in Greater London, promoting healthy Chinese food and cooking to 250 students. The great feedback and enthusiasm of that first round of school visits, teacher workshops, and events led to Phase 2, which started in the second half of 2014 and will cover 2015. The HCCA Team, with Lee Kum Kee partners, has been visiting more and more school in Greater London with great success.

School Demonstrations

Secondary schools are offered to participate in the project, with a visit from our partner chefs, representatives of Lee Kum Kee and Ming-Ai (London) Institute who will talk about healthy Chinese food and Chinese food culture. If you are interested in the project visiting your school in the future, please contact and apply now for a free school demonstration.

Lee Kum KeeYou can find complete information about this project on this website, including school visit reports and pictures!