Chinese New Year Celebration (10 Feb 2013)

Chinese New Year Celebration (10 Feb 2013)

Chinese New Year (10 Feb 2013)

cnyOn Sunday 10 February 2013, Ming-Ai had a stall at the annual Chinese New Year event held in Trafalgar Square. This was an excellent opportunity to promote the British Chinese Workforce Heritage project to members of the public. The Project Team were joined by volunteers who braved the rain and cold weather to collect donations and help distribute our project postcards. 

We designed special Lucky Knot Bookmarks for Chinese New Year, building on the theme of the British Chinese Heritage Workforce Project Logo, and with the help of Volunteers produced 500 for sale at our Trafalgar Square stall.

All visitors to our stall also enjoyed taking part in our “Chopsticks Challenge” game, answering questions on the history of the Chinese in Britain and completing tasks involving picking up marbles with chopsticks!

It was great fun to be involved with the Chinese New Year Celebrations in such an iconic location and everyone, Project Team and visitors alike, very much enjoyed the event.