Kooi Chock Glendinning (The Unacceptable)

Kooi Chock Glendinning (The Unacceptable)

A selection of poems from The Unacceptable (by Kooi Chock Glendinning)


gdad   gmum

Their British protector then let them down, they ran away for a while

As the Japanese were murderous and torturous,
My grandparents and parents were thankfully spared,
By a kind Japanese pretty lady, who protected and harboured them
From harm and despair, from war atrocities and rape

Then thankfully the British came back to end the war,
Hiroshima burnt in horror and in defeat
The Japanese's wicked ways now in tatters,
Their buildings and lives all in cinders
At last surrendered in fear and humiliation,
Strangely many Hara kiris were committed
More unnecessary lives wasted in despair.
My parents rejoiced, at last... no more war, no more war, please,
Normal life they desperately needed.
Then they bore 8 siblings, with me the sixth child