Thinking Chinese 華思 . 思華

Thinking Chinese 華思 . 思華

Thinking Chinese 思華 . 華思

UCL Quad, 31 March - 1 April 2015


The Thinking Chinese conference was a collaborative project between the UCL China Centre of Health and Humanity and History Department with Ming-Ai (London) Institute. The conference, and linked exhibition, brought together academics, heritage professionals and representatives from the Chinese community to explore the history of social, cultural and intellectual exchange between China and the UK as well as evolving notions of "Chineseness" in British society.

Over two days, more than 80 people attended interdisciplinary panels on a variety of historical topics as well as two roundtable debates on Chinese medicine and community representation in the 21st century.

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Speakers  Paper Title Audio  Documents

Prof Tim Barrett
SOAS, University of London

Chinese Language Teachers and Regency Britain New mic whiteversion Bibliography
Emile de Bruijn
National Trust
Thinking Chinese Wallpaper: the Image of China in British Interiors  

Full Paper

Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman
UCL Philosophy
'Africa for the Chinese': A Response from Critical Eugenics at UCL New mic whiteversion Full Paper
Archive Text
Robert Fleming
National Army Museum
China's Relationship with the West in the World Wars and its Legacy New mic whiteversion Presentation
Rachel Hasted The Chinese Labour Corps in England during WW1  New mic whiteversion   
Dr Vivienne Lo
UCL China Centre for Health and Humanity
Dimsum Diplomacy  New mic whiteversion  Presentation
Dr Vivienne Lo
UCL China Centre for Health and Humanity
Dr Yijie Zhuang
UCL Archaeology
New Sea Lords: the Greenwich Fuzhou Meridian  New mic whiteversion  Presentation
Dr Leon Rocha
University of Liverpool
Racial Miscegenation and the Chinese in Liverpool  New mic whiteversion   
Dr Anne Witchard
University of Westminster
Maidens and Mandarins: China on the Pantomime Stage  New mic whiteversion  Presentation 
Dr Diana Yeh
University of Winchester
Staging China, Sinophilia and the Racial Order New mic whiteversion  Presentation
David Yip Being the Chinese Detective New mic whiteversion   
Roundtable Day 1 Is Traditional Chinese Medicine Really Relevant? New mic whiteversion   
Roundtable Day 2 Breaking Our Silence: Voices from the Chinese Community New mic whiteversion   
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