"Swallow Twitters" -- Preserving an Archaic Catering Terminology

William PoonAccording to people of my father’s generation, the 1930s and 40s saw a great trend in the use of jargon, or specialist terminology, in the catering trade. Indeed, it became somewhat of an obsession with restaurateurs uttering it in every sentence, to the extent that it gave rise to much confusion and misinterpretation.

William Poon

All About Food - An Introduction to British Chinese Food Culture Project

Food is international as well as very cultural; it reaches our heart through the stomach and attracts our attention by its colour, aroma, taste and presentation. Overseas Chinese always carry their "Chinese stomachs" wherever they go, and bring Chinese food to every corner of the world.

Chungwen Li

British Place, Chinese Plate

The menus of Chinese restaurants in Britain have changed developed and diversified throughout the last few decades, what about the physical places where Chinese food is eaten? How do the restaurants in London Chinatown compare to the local Chinese restaurants? And how do the layout and furnishing of the restaurants affect the way diners behave?

Yatwan Hui

Chinese Food and Wine Culture

Chen ChanDid you know that Minister Li Hongzhang of the Qing Dynasty was a food connoisseur and had lived in luxurious environment with numerous servants and cooks under his employment?

Cheng Chan

Chinese Food Culture in Britain

Deh Ta HsingChinese cuisine has gone through thousands of years of refinement and development, and cultural exchanges between China and the outside world have taken place ever since the time of the Roman Empire...

Deh-Ta Hsiung

Chop Suey: From East to West?

chopsueyChop Suey, is pronounced as Za Sui in Mandarin, or Tsap Seoy in Cantonese. According to The English-Chinese Word-Ocean Dictionary, the term 'Za Sui' refers to the concept of cooking chopped entrails of sheep or oxen, also referred to as 'Xia Shui'.

Compiled by Sally Wang

Healthier Chinese Takeaway Menus

In our everyday diet, we are used to fast food, fried foods, fatty foods, processed foods - and all such foods, do nothing for our health. To remain fit and disease-free and to make sure that our heart, brain and muscles work properly, we need to inculcate healthy eating habits, right from the childhood to the teens to the time one grows up to be an adult.

Thomas Chan

Healthy Vegetarian Lifestyle Nurtures Humanistic Mindfulness

lotus flower artThe Tzu Chi College of Technology launched an international exchange program to promote a vegetarian diet and Tzu Chi sign language musical performance in March 2011. Thanks to an invitation by the Ming Ai (London) Institute, the delegation presented lectures on a vegetarian diet...

Shih De-Yin and Yu-Mei Tsai
釋德慇  蔡裕美

I Miss You…

Chinese medicine tells us that the inside of the body is yin and the surface is yang. In Chinese cuisine yang methods of cooking and yang foods have warm energy and generate heat within the body. By contrast yin methods of cooking and yin foods have cold energy and cool the body down.

Nigel Mathers

Roast Food Culture

Roast duck has its roots in the Ming Dynasty during the 13th century and invented as a delicacy for the Emperor in Nanking (the earlier capital city of the Ming Dynasty, in today's Nanjing).

Kevin Fok

Spanish Tapas and Cantonese Dimsum

bowzerWhat are the differences and similaries between Chinese dim-sum and Spanish Tapas? Let's see what our contributors said ...

By Cheng Chang and Sherry Kuei-Chan

Spanish Tapas and Cantonese Dimsum

The more you learn about other cultures, the more you realise that we are "more alike than different". This certainly applies to food and a good example is tapas and dim sum.

Lucia Law

The Memories of Ken Lo

ken loYou want me to talk about food, migration, and my father. His Memories of China? What can I say? They say ‘home is where the heart is’. But what if you have no home? Where is your heart then?

The Memories of Ken Lo

The Wok

Ken HomThe wok has been central to my life as a professional chef and food writer. But it was central to my childhood and youth as well. To grow up Chinese means enjoying wonderful foods prepared in the wok.

Ken Hom