Ms Lean Lee


Date 19 March 2014  Interviewed by Scarlet Ma
Language English Audio Edited by Ben Fielden
Venue East London Chinese Community Centre    

Lean Lee was born in Malaysia and came to the UK in the mid 1970's to study. She completed her first degree at City University, London, majoring in Industrial Chemistry. After she had her first child she went to complete her PhD at Imperial College. The research was sponsored by the Science and Engineering Council in collaboration with British Gas. After completing her PhD she was employed by British Gas, working on High Efficiency Boilers (Condensing boilers) projects at Watson House Research Station in Fulham. When the research centre moved to Loughborough, Lean joined Eastern Gas (Transco) based in Hertford as a Chemist analysing contaminated soil, detecting gas leaks etc. Later she moved to monitoring emissions from gas turbines in compressor stations all around the UK. Her work as a chemist entailed travelling nationwide and sometime working days or weeks away from home.

Lean left National Grid (Transco) and took early retirement when the company decided to close the laboratory in Hertford and moved to Warwick. She did not want to move with the company as her children were still at school and her husband was working in London.

Since retirement she became involved in running the East London Chinese Community and assisting with their activities. Currently she spends her free times growing vegetables in her local allotment, volunteering at her local charity shop and at times involved with various Chinese community activities.