Mr Ying Kit Hui 許英傑先生


Date 14 March 2013 Interviewed by Jingxiang Shi
Language English, Cantonese Audio Edited by Jingxiang Shi
Venue National Army Museum, London Translated by Peter Nix

Ying Kit Hui was born in Hong Kong. In 1972 he joined the British Army as it offered regular work and a stable income. He was posted to the Royal Army Medical Corps at the British Military Hospital as a sentry and worked his way through as a medical assistant and eventually as a medical scientist in the laboratory.

Ying Kit embraced many of the training opportunities offered by the British Army, including being certified as a screen projectionist, obtaining a full driving licence, a secondment to the Royal Navy in 1977 and achieving professional qualifications in Biochemistry. He was the first and only Chinese serviceman to train and pass at the Royal Army College in Millbank, London in 1983 to become a State Registered Medical Laboratory Technician.

Ying Kit got married in 1979, and had two daughters before he later went to London to study. He was discharged from the Army in 1985 and worked in the Pathology Laboratory of Pok Oi Hospital in Hong Kong.

In 1988, he left his position as Head of Department to join a private laboratory opened by his ex-technical officer on Harley Street in London. His family joined him in 1989 and settled near Kingston-upon-Thames. Ying Kit also worked in the Cromwell Hospital and achieved a Fellowship of IBMS at Westminster University. He has been working in the Haematology Department at Kings College Hospital for over 20 years.

(Profile translated by: Elise Zhi Li)