Dr Xiao Jiu Zhu 朱小久博士


Date 28 November 2014 Interviewed by Rosa Kurowska
Language English Audio Edited by Sherri Wong 
Venue Cruickshanks Solicitors, London    

Dr Xiaojiu Zhu was born in Beijing, China and was one of the first cohort of students to enroll in Qingdao University (later became Ocean University of China) following the Cultural Revolution in 1979. She was trained as a marine biologist, later taking up a scholarship to study biochemistry in America. She obtained her PhD in Kentucky University and completed 3 year post-doctoral research with MIT in Boston. After spending eight years in America as a researcher she came to the UK in 1990 to join her husband, who was working in London. She continued her medical research with Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) on T-cell research. After this she worked another 3 years on tuberculosis research for the Medical Research Council (MRC) in Hammersmith.

Later she was re-trained as a solicitor, spending two years with Clifford Chance before joining Cruickshanks in 2002. She is the founder and President of the UK Society of Chinese Lawyers. She is also the legal consultant to many UK organisations, such as UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture, UK China Economic and Trade Exchange Association, UK Tianjin Chinese Association, Beijing Association of the UK.

Dr Zhu has also devoted many years to the advancement of Chinese education and culture in London. She is a volunteer and Executive Vice President of UKAPCE (UK Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education) and has been a long serving Headmistress of London Mandarin School.