Mr Robert Chan 陳韋文先生


Date 18 April 2013 Interviewed by Aubrey Ko
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Jingxiang Shi
Venue The Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen's Association Ltd Translated by Xiaoyi Wang

Robert Chan joined the Royal Navy on 9th April 1992. He received Basic Training for a period of six weeks at Stonecutters Island Training School. Robert was ranked  Marine Engineering Mechanic, and was sent to H.M.S. Plover for a three-part training for three months. He then joined H.M.S. Peacock, whose role was to conduct anti-smuggling operations and tasks, accompanied by the Hong Kong Police Force, to ensure Hong Kong's waters were maintained in good order. They were also responsible for sea rescue and search operations organized by the Hong Kong Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (HKMRCC).

A large-scale rescue (joint operation) was held on the 4th November in 1993, where they were called to participate in rescues at the disaster of Kai Tak International Airport, where a China Airlines aircraft had overrun the runaway and plunged into the harbour.

Before joining the Royal Navy, Robert was a sales representative in a telecommunications shop, handling the sales of fax machines and photocopiers. As a fresh school leaver in 1983 when job opportunities were limited, he faced fewer opportunities compared to now. Having read the Royal Navy recruitment advertisement, he decided that this career would provide him with new and challenging opportunities that he was seeking.

Robert's maritime career skills were on top of his personal enhancement during his time in the Royal Navy. After leaving the Navy, he joined a Consultancy Company as a cargo surveyor, handling damaged cargo investigations.

He entered the educational sector in 2003, and remains in it to this day, and is now a Teaching Assistant in a secondary school. During the period he was in the Navy, he attended evening institutes for further study. In 2001, he was awarded his first Bachelor's Degree in Chinese History and Chinese Literature (from the Hong Kong Buddhist College). In 2009, he achieved a second Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences and Liberal Studies (from the Open University of Hong Kong).

During his spare time, Robert participates in community and volunteer services as Secretary of the Hoi Luen Society. He has also been appointed by the Hong Kong Ex-servicemen's Association Ltd as a Public Relation Officer.

Robert loved his work in the Royal Navy and remembers it as a wonderful adventure and a beautiful voyage in his life, filled with joyful moments. His mission now is to provide a comfort platform for former work colleagues.