Mr William Ching 程漢偉先生


Date 16 April 2013 Interviewed by Aubrey Ko
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Jingxiang Shi
Venue The Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen's Association Ltd Translated by Pauline Yip

William Ching was born in Hong Kong. In 1970 he joined the Royal Navy and served for 24 years until 1994 when he retired, rising from the rank of Steward to Petty Officer. During his time of service, he visited Singapore, the UK and other countries to receive training. During his time in the navy, he co-operated with the Naval Police to intercept illegal immigrants and provided assistance to Customs Officers to intercept illegal smugglers. He said that as a military personnel, one needs to follow orders and so it cultivated in him discipline, and the habit of time keeping. After leaving the Navy, William threw himself into the insurance business and has worked there until now, altogether for 18 years. He is the current chairman of the Hoi Leun Society (E.X.R.N), which provides retired Hong Kong sailors with support and commemorative events.

(Profile translated by: James Golby)