Mr Francis Lo 羅繼昌先生


Date 16 April 2013 Interviewed by Aubrey Ko
Language Cantonese Summarised by Jingxiang Shi
Venue Lo's House, Hong Kong Translated by James Golby

Francis Lo joined the army in 1969. He was initially stationed at Victoria Barracks, where he carried out various duties during the day and kept watch at the main gates at night. After a year, he started to learn film projection, showing films at different locations, such as for the sergeants and officers in their mess halls. On occasion he would also take his then girlfriend (now his wife) along to the films. Sometimes he would put on films for the other soldiers when they were taking part in training exercises in the mountains.

In 1973, Francis joined the Royal Corps of Transport to learn to be a driver. His first job after completing training was as a driver at the military police headquarters. Later he drove ambulances at Stanley Barracks and a military hospital. Francis became a chauffeur for a colonel. In the summer of 1976, the first group of refugees from Vietnam began to arrive in Hong Kong. The colonel was tasked with dealing with the refugees, and Francis chauffeured him frequently to and from the harbour, hospitals and the refugee camp. The colonel was promoted thanks to his efficient handling of the situation and was able to help Francis transfer to the Joint Services Intelligence Department, where he worked until retirement in 1981.

Francis Lo married while in the army and all three of his children were born in the British Military Hospital in Hong Kong.

(Profile translated by: James Laughton-Smith)