Mr Chung Tsang 曾松先生


Date 16 April 2013 Interviewed by Aubrey Ko
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Jingxiang Shi
Venue The Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen's Association Ltd Translated by James Golby

Chung Tsang was born in Macau, and when he was in the third year of middle school, a classmate encouraged him to apply for a job in the Royal Navy. In 1953, he was successful and mainly served as a ship's steward. In 1975, he left the service having served for twenty-two years. Chung Tsang served in the Korean War and experienced hurricanes while at sea which necessitated abandoning ship in critical circumstances. While in service, he was loyal to his post and, in his fifteenth year of service, he obtained a medal for Long Service and Good Conduct. After retiring, Chung Tsang still worked at a job related to catering, and emigrated to Canada before returning to Hong Kong. Chung Tsang is now retired and has many descendants.

(Profile translated by: James Golby)