Mr Benson Hong 康偉佳先生


Date 15 April 2013 Interviewed by Aubrey Ko
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Jingxiang Shi
Venue Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village, Hong Kong Translated by Peter Nix

Benson Hong was born in Hong Kong. He joined the British Army on 16 July, 1979, and left on 30 March 1997, with the rank of Staff Sergeant. After completing the Recruit training, Benson was first sent to the Royal Corps of Transport, where he learnt to be a driver. 5 years later in 1984, he was posted back to the Hong Kong Military Service Corps (HKMSC) Training Depot, and served as a Training Instructor. In 1994 he was posted to the Dragon Company. Benson was awarded a Long Service and Good Conduct Medal during his service in the army. In addition, he not only learnt various professional skills, but also represented the HKMSC as Inter-Services Shooting Champion among the British Regular Army in the UK 11 times from 1984, during which he won the competition in 1993, and had lunch with Her Majesty the Queen.

To adapt to his new life, Benson had to adjust to society. After he retired from the army, he acquired many professional qualifications based on what he had learnt in the army, as well as attending re-training courses in, for example, Corporation, Leadership, Team Building, Discipline and Outdoor Activities, and so on.