Dr. Frances Wood 吳芳思博士


Date 8 February 2017 Interviewed by Laura Ritchie-Roberts
Language English Audio Edited by Vivien Tang
Venue London, United Kingdom Transcription by Alfred Sloley

Dr. Frances Wood is the current Research Associate of the SOAS China Institute, a former curator to the British Library’s Chinese collections for over 30 years, and had appeared on the BBC’s Radio Four programme In Our Time on Macro Polo. She is a prolific writer. Her works include Did Marco Polo Go To China? (1996), The Silk Road (2003), The First Emperor (2007), and The Diamond Sutra (2010). Her latest book, co-authored with Christopher Armander, The Betrayal Ally: China in the Great War (2016) has spoken for the Chinese role in the Great War and argued for its understated importance that has long been neglected in other traditional accounts. She has once again turned the spotlight on the Chinese Labour Corp, whom she argues deeply for their contribution in complementing the wartime shortage of labour that had long beleaguered the Allied Forces.

(Profile by: Gregory Choi)