Mr Caswell Andrew Chensee


Date 17 May 2017 Interviewed by Gregory Choi
Language English Audio Edited by Vivien Tang
Venue London, United Kingdom    

Caswell Andrew Chensee, who prefers to go by the name Charlie, was born in 1959 in Jamaica. During the 1970s the country’s political tension was high. The furore against non-black minority including Chinese began to stir. His family, therefore, decided to move and settle in Toronto, Canada. In 1974, out of a sense of indebtedness to the Canadian government, the country who had harboured his family, he signed up for the military services, where he served until 1979 before he was transferred to the British Army.

After completing his training as a recruit, he was assigned to the Queen of Rifle of Canada, where he was selected to deal with the security issue during the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He later went on to join the Royal Canadian Regiment because it provided better opportunity for advanced training. It was here that he took up the offer to be trained in the UK for a minimum of six months. In 1979 when his training came to an end, he decided to settle in the UK. After he had successfully applied for a transfer from the Canadian Army to the British Army, he went on to join the Royal Green Jacket in Winchester, UK, and served until 1993. During his services as a British soldier, he had stationed in countries including West Germany, Belgium, and Northern Ireland.

In 1993 he retired as a Corporal in Northern Ireland, and he went on to join the government as a civil servant. In 1996 he left the civil services and took on a position in Northern Ireland Police Services. He is now retired and living with his wife in Northern Ireland.