Mr Man Kai Chan 陳文佳先生


Date 1 September 2016 Interviewed by Chungwan Li
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Xiù Yí Huáng
Venue Hong Kong Summary and Translation by Ka Man Fong

Man Kai Chan was born in Hong Kong. He was enlisted in 1983 and had served for nine years.

After completing the military training as a recruit, Chan was sent to Dragon Company as a regimental policeman. His responsibility was to secure safety within the barrack. When he was sent to assume duty along the China-Hong Kong border, he was tasked to interrogate the illegal immigrants that were captured as well as to help in translation for soldiers who didn’t speak Chinese . Following his job as a regimental policeman, Chan was repositioned to Hong Kong Provost Company, Royal Military Police, where he was responsible for maintaining the law and order in the army. Having worked as a military policeman for roughly a year, Chan was sent back to the Training Depot to teach small-arms and light-weaponry. He was eventually qualified as an instructor after completing an instructor training course that lasted for six weeks in England. After he returned, Chan continued to serve as an instructor until he retired from the army. He trained four cohorts of recruits in total.

In May 1992, Chan retired from the army as a Corporal due to the forthcoming transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong to China. Before leaving, Chan got monetary support from the army to complete a higher diploma of business administration in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.