Mr Man Sze Wong 黃民思先生


Date 15 November 2016 Interviewed by Gregory Choi
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Vivien Tang
Venue Hong Kong Summary and Translation by Gregory Choi

Man Sze Wong was born in 1973 in Hong Kong. Before joining the army he had worked as a lifeguard and physical trainer. He was enlisted in 1993 and had served for four years.

After completing the military training as a recruit, Wong was sent to the 29th Squadron, Royal Corps of Transport where he obtained different qualifications for various types of military vehicles. His responsibility included transportation of material aids and soldier’s family. Apart from that, he also joined the Motorcycle Display Team, a team that trained twice a week and was able to perform stunt such as “Jumping through Fire Hoops”, “crossing”, “Surfer-Boy Wheelie” (Standing with one foot on seat to balance the motorcycle). Wong had also performed in the Royal Tournament with the Motorcycle Display Team, an annual event whose participants included the British Army and other Commonwealth countries’ army. In Hong Kong they also performed on special occasion like Barrack Open Day, in which Wong played a part to entertain the audiences. Apart from joining the Motor Cycle DIsplay Team, Wong also participated in the “Trial Walker” event annually, a marathon competition that nearly all army members took part.

Wong retired in 1997 as the army was disbanded. He had worked as a journalist at Apple Daily and a physical trainer in the gym room. Since 1998 when Wong joined the Disciplinary Services, he has been working for the Hong Kong Custom and Excise Department.

(Profile translated by: Gregory Choi/Alfred Sloley)