Mr Ka Leung Sit 薛家良先生


Date 18 November 2016 Interviewed by Gregory Choi
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Vivien Tang
Venue Bayswater, London Summary and Translation by Gregory Choi

Ka Leung Sit was born in Hong Kong in 1964. He was enlisted in 1987 and had served for seven years.

After completing his military training as a recruit, Sit served in the Dragon Company as a regimental policeman. He was responsible for guarding the barracks in different places, including Gun Club Hill Barrack in Kowloon Tong, British Military Hospital, and Shek Kong Barrack. Apart from this, he was also sent along the Hong Kong-China border, helping the non-Chinese speaking garrison in translation. After working in the Dragon Company for four years, he applied to the Small Arms School Corp (Training Advisory Team) Hong Kong and he learnt skills and techniques in assembling, repairing, and maintaining small arms and light weaponry. He also helped with multiple tasks such as managing shooting grounds and preparing necessary munitions, guns, and targets for other soldiers coming for shooting practices.

Sit retired from the army in 1996 because the Small Arms School Corp faced forthcoming disbandment in 1997. After leaving, he has worked as a manager for the Hong Kong Shooting Association and a truck driver making the journey across Hong Kong and China. Sit is now a crane operator.