Mr William Santos 山度士先生


Date 7 November 2013 Interviewed by Ben Fielden
Language English Audio Edited by Ben Fielden
Venue National Army Museum, Lonodn    

William Santos was born in Hong Kong and joined the Hong Kong Military Services Corp on 17 July 1978. After many years he was discharged from the Regular Service on 30 Nov 1991 in the rank of Sergeant. During his time with the Hong Kong Military he was named the Best Recruit of the 81 intake.

After completing the initial recruit training he continued to serve in the Training Depot. Later, he was sent to the UK for further training to become a Training Instructor. Two years after this he was sent to the Hong Kong Information Team to complete border duty and government service. After five years in service on the border he was posted to HQ Support Troop / Dragon Company for guard duty at a Military Camp in Hong Kong, before being posted back to HKMSC Training Depot where he served as a Training Instructor.

After his service with the Army, William joined a large Security Company in Hong Kong in 1991. Before this he says he spent some time to adapt to his new life in civilian employment. He had to take some courses and learn new skills. William credits his training and experience in the Hong Kong army for giving him many skills such as leadership; discipline; first aid; planning and crime prevention.

Because of his previous training and army experience William is now working as a senior manager of two large security companies in Hong Kong.