Mr Tommy Lee 李松先生


Date 14 April 2013 Interviewed by Aubrey Ko
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Jingxiang Shi
Venue Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence Translated by Zhaoping Zhen

Tommy Lee was interviewed about the service of his father, the late Private Hun Tim Lee.

Tommy Lee, son of the late Private Hun Tim Lee, General Service Corps, recalls that his father joined the British Army in Hong Kong in August 1940. Following the completion of recruit training, he was posted to the Machine Gun Battalion, The Hong Kong Chinese Regiment before the outbreak of Hong Kong Defence war. During the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in December 1941, his father, Private Lee, fought bravely alongside with his British comrades to defend Hong Kong from being invaded by Japanese troops.

However, after 14 days of exhausted resistance, the Defence Commander had to surrender in order to prevent further loss of life. Prior to this, on 25 December 1941, the Defence Commander gave orders to all British-Chinese soldiers to escape to mainland China where they could find a safe place to hide. Private Lee finally made good his escape to the Southern part of China where he joined the British Army Aid Group (BAAG) and continued his service.

3 years and 8 months later, the war was finally declared over; Private Lee was then able to return to his homeland Hong Kong where he transferred to the Hong Kong Pioneer Company. He continued serving with the Pioneer Company until 26 March 1946 when he was officially discharged from the British Army. Private Lee was awarded two Pacific War Star medals and a King George 5th medal in recognition of his outstanding service and brave conduct during the Hong Kong Defence war.

Three years later, Private Lee re-enlisted into the British Army on 17 June 1949 and was posted as Fireman to the 96 Army Fire Brigade, Royal Army Service Corps (RASC). He stayed with the Army Fire Brigade until February 1953 when he was transferred to the Defence Platoon, General Service Corps. After giving 27 years loyal service to the Crown, Private Lee finally retired from the British Army on 2 June 1970.