Mr Set Yuen 袁澄亮先生


Date 7 November 2013 Interviewed by Ben Fielden
Language English Audio Edited by Ben Fielden
Venue National Army Museum, London    

In January 1981, Mr Set Yuen enlisted into the Hong Kong Military Service Corps (HKMSC) part of the British Army Force in Hong Kong. After completing a five-month basic recruit training programme he was posted to Defence Animal Support Unit (DASU), formerly known as the Army Dog Unit (ADU) as a Guard Dog Handler. Later in the same year he was promoted to Lance Corporal.

Set was subsequently cross-transferred to the Border Detachment of the Unit and adopted the role of a Sweep Dog Handler (specialist for the detection of illegal immigrants) and carried out operational duties on the Hong Kong/China border. These duties included taking part in the "Counter Illegal Immigrations" Operation on the Hong Kong border where he worked closely with other British/Gurkha Infantry Battalions as well as the Hong Kong Police (Formerly the Royal Hong Kong Police).

Between 1989 and 1997, Set Yuen diversified his career by transferring to the Royal Military Police (RMP) as a uniformed policeman. As part of this transfer, he attended a five-month Basic Provost Course (BPC) at Royal Military Police Training Centre (RMPTC) in Chichester, UK. Most of his service with the RMP was in General Police Duties (GPD) including initial investigations of crimes and dealing with other disciplinary matters within the British Armed Forces (Military personnel and Ministry of Defence civilian employees). He was also responsible for the care of visiting foreign Armed Forces personnel. During his career with the Royal Military Police, Set also commanded a RMP dog section.

With the withdrawal of the British Armed Forces from Hong Kong in 1997, Set Yuen decided to move to the UK permanently and successfully transferred to the Adjutant's General Corp, Military Provost Guard Service (AGC MPGS) – a sub branch of the RMP. This was a newly formed unit which was raised by an act of Parliament in 1997. This job required him to provide physical security services and to assist the unit in planning and organising continuation training. During this period, Set attended a number of high level security management and instructional courses and in 1999 he was promoted to Sergeant. In 2007 he was further promoted to Staff Sergeant after which he was posted to 2 (Training) Regiment, Army Air Corps at Middle Wallop, Hampshire, where he took up the post of Platoon Commander. He was then responsible for a platoon of over 30 soldiers. The pinnacle of his career was the experience of being actively involved in the security provision for VVIP's training at this establishment.

During his Military career Set Yuen was awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct and Queen's Jubilee Medals.