Mr Ngan Hong Li 李銀康先生


Date 9 January 2016 Interviewed by Chungwan Li
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Vivien Tang
Venue Hong Kong Summary and Translation by Ka Man Fong/Laura Ritchie-Roberts

Ngan Hong Li (1955-2016) was born in Hong Kong and was enlisted in the army in 1973.

After completion of his military training as a recruit, Li was sent to The 29th Squadron, Royal Corps of Transport. In 1987 he was sent back to Training Depot in Lyemun Barrack after he incurred an injury from a car crash. He was responsible for instructing recruits. At the beginning he was only asked to teach weapon-handling courses, but soon he was given a wider scope of responsibilities. Within just five years, he was promoted to Staff Sergeant and was even tasked to lead the entire platoon of recruits. Apart from being a Training Instructor, he also coordinated with the Royal Hong Kong Police to deal with the Vietnam Refugees’ Crisis during the mid-1970s. In 1987 when Li incurred a serious injury from a car crash that severed his spinal cord, his body was permanently paralysed from shoulders down, a major reason that prompted him to leave his job.

In 1989 Li retired from the army and had served for fourteen years in total.

(Profile translated by: Gregory Choi/Alfred Sloley)