Mr Ka Man Leung 梁嘉文先生


Date 14 January 2016 Interviewed by Chungwan Li
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Vivien Tang
Venue Hong Kong Summary and Translation by Ka Man Fong

Ka Man Leung was born in Hong Kong. He was enlisted into the army in 1992 and had served for five years.

He first joined the Army Dog Unit, Royal Army Veterinary Corps as a dog handler. He had two main duties. Firstly to stop illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border, and secondly, to guard important military facilities such as ordnance and the airport. When he joined the military, the British was withdrawing from Hong Kong, and his works were mainly focused on this withdrawal process. In the year before the handover of Hong Kong, Leung worked mostly at the Headquarter, Stonecutter Island, which required him to incinerate all documents and to supervise the transportation and logistics. Moreover, he was tasked to clear up bomb shelters, military camps and other military buildings and facilities as the British withdrew.

Leung left the army in 1997, after which he temporarily worked at the security section of the Hong Kong Airport. In 1998, he joined the Hong Kong Police Force as a recruit and, in 2005, he also joined the Force Abseiling Cadre as his “second duty”. From 2008 to 2012, he was, on several occasions, sent as a Hong Kong representative during official visits to Britain and Australia. He received training through attending police courses. In 2012, Leung was promoted to Sergeant and, after serving for eighteen years on the front line in the police, he finally took a managerial level job. In 2016, he was assigned the position of training officer, leading the Project Planning Team at Police Public Relation Branch. The team focuses on youth work which aims to guide and support young people to help them reaching their full potential. Now he remains as a training officer.

(Profile translated by: Gregory Choi/Alfred Sloley)