Mr Man Lung Lee 李文龍先生


Date 8 May 2016 Interviewed by Chungwen Li
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Vivien Tang
Venue Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Summary and Translation by Gregory Choi

Man Lun Lee was born in 1952 in Hong Kong. He was enlisted in 1973 and had served for twelve years. During his time in service, he left the army for a month; but he soon returned and continued his service until he dropped out totally in 1985.

After completing his military training as a recruit, he was sent on sentry duty at different barracks. He was also responsible for the security within the military camp. Later he applied to be trained as a military chef. He was then sent to the British Military Hospital where he learnt and mastered his gastronomic and cooking techniques. He was able to serve both Western and Chinese cuisine. After finishing his training, he worked in the Sergeants Canteen, Common Rank Canteen and the Officer Canteen respectively. He was later redeployed to the Royal Corps of Transport as a cleaner for a brief period of time before returning back to the hospital again to work as a chef.

He left the army in 1985. After that, he worked as a chef and a coach driver, but only for a brief period of time. Now he runs his own business as a Feng-Shui consultant. He is capable of giving advice on geomancy, palmstry, Bazi/Four-pillar, and astrology, etc.

(Profile translated by: Gregory Choi/Alfred Sloley)