Mr Lap Yan Chan 陳立仁先生


Date 1 January 2016 Interviewed by Chungwan Li
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Xiù Yí Huáng
Venue Hong Kong Summary and Translation by Yiman Lin

Lap Yan Chan was born in 1975 in Hong Kong. Before he joined the British Chinese Armed Forces, he worked as a refurbishment worker. He was enlisted in 1993 and had served for five years.

After he completed the military training as a recruit for six months, Chan was assigned to the Dragon Company. His main duty here was to maintain the law and order within the barrack. In an emergency, he would be redeployed to other departments if they needed support. Although the headquarter of Dragon Company was at Osborne Barrack, Kowloon Tong, its members would also be sent away for sentry duty in other barracks. These barracks included Commander of British Forces Residence, Tamar Headquarters, Kohima Camp, Gun Club Hill Barracks, British Military Hospital, Shek Kong Barrack etc.

Chan retired from the army as a Private in 1997. He nows works in the business of automotive accessories. He is also a member of the Hong Kong Ex-Servicemen’s Association and the HKOR Benevolent Association.

(Profile translated by: Gregory Choi/Alfred Sloley)