Mrs Jenny Chan 陳鄧玉珍女士


Date 22 March 2014  Interviewed by Yat Wan Hui 
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Sherri Wong 
Venue Ming-Ai (London) Institute    

Jenny Chan was born into a farming family in the New Territory in Hong Kong in 1945. She moved to London in 1967 to join her older brother and her ex-sailor uncle, who had opened a Chinese take-away in Whitechapel. She worked for them and other catering establishments until 1969.

Jenny lived in Kingston and later in New Malden with her husband and three children. When her children were at school, a friend invited her to work in a nursing home in Kingston. From 1988 to 1997, Jenny worked as a care assistant looking after predominately English female elderly patients. It was physically hard work but Jenny enjoyed befriending the patients and joking with her colleagues. The morning shifts also fitted in well with her children's school timetables.

In 1997 Jenny joined John Lewis and two years later worked at Waitrose. In 2005, Jenny reduced to part-time work at Waitrose so that she could look after her 2 year old grandson in south-east London who has muscular dystrophy. In 2008 she took early retirement from Waitrose to look after both her grandson and her husband, who had cancer. She is currently taking care of her youngest grandson, a two year old who lives nearby. Jenny is the proud grandmother of five grandchildren who live in Manchester, Leicester and London.

(Profile compiled by: Yat Wan Hui)