Mr Chi Shing Chin 錢志星先生


Date 15 January 2013 Interviewed by Xuemei Chen
Language Mandarin Audio Edited by Jingxiang Shi
Venue  Ming-Ai (London) Institute Translated by Han Tao

Chi Shing Chin was born in Shanghai. He became an apprentice hairdresser after graduating from middle school. He later went to Hong Kong to continue his career as a barber. Invited by a friend, Chi Shing Chin came to London in 1969 and has been in hairdressing ever since. The Chinese hairdressing business has gradually become a thriving one given Chinese immigration. He not only witnessed the development of the hairdressing business in Chinatown (which grew from only four upstairs salons, to 12 upstairs and 10 ground floor salons currently) but also the development of Chinatown itself to its present day state.

(Profle translated by: Rachel Yang)