Mr George Lee 李澤文先生


Date 2 October 2009 Interviewed by Martin Kuroczik
Language English    

George Lee was born in a converted pig shed in a poor village in the New Territories of Hong Kong, where he worked in a toy factory aged 5. George came to the UK aged 10 years unable to speak any English, and, together with his five siblings, lived and worked in their parents' Chinese take away shop in Portsmouth, and attended a local comprehensive school situated in a council estate.

From an early age George saw it as his mission in life to help with the integration of all racial groups into mainstream UK society and to serve his adopted country - Great Britain. To this end he has strived to break the mode of traditional expectations of class and race in his private life and in his many careers by active role modelling of professional achievements.

He has lived these values through being one of the first Chinese to enter the MoD as a civil servant (working in Industrial Relations in the Royal Dockyards in the late 70s/early 80s) straight after leaving school.

He again broke the glass wall in 1981 by becoming one of the first British Chinese to join the Metropolitan Police. As a police officer George was involved in policing many of the great social events that shaped modern Britain (e.g. the Miners' strike, News International dispute at Wapping, Broadwater Farm riot, Poll Tax riot, etc.). George enjoyed a varied career in the police, for example, as an operational officer he worked in Vice, Murder Squads (including receiving Commendations for solving a number of high profile cases), Drugs, Sector Commander at Paddington Green, Riot Squad, Organised Crime, assignments for MI6, secondment to the Royal Hong Kong Police Triad Unit, etc. At a managerial and strategic level his experience includes being a Hendon Instructor, Bramshill Staff College Course Director, policy development, Community Race-relations & Equal Opportunity Advisor, etc. George was one of the original founding members of the Black Police Association and held the position of External Officer for the BPA.

George broke the glass ceiling by being placed on the Home Office high potential scheme (one of the very few ethnic minority officers to have ever been selected) and was sent to Trinity College, Cambridge University on a Bramshill Scholarship where he studied Chinese and Social Political Sciences on full pay (completing a 4 year course in 3 years). During his time at Cambridge George founded ABACUS (Association of British And Chinese University Students) the objectives of ABACUS is to encourage the second generation Chinese to make a greater effort to integrate into UK mainstream life. ABACUS now has branches in a number of UK universities.

George left the Metropolitan Police in 1998 and has since that time had a very successful career in the private sector. He went into management consulting (Gemini Consulting) straight from the police and has worked in diverse sectors (e.g. FS, Retail, Life Sciences). George also held senior executive positions in large multi-national corporations (e.g. he was Programme Director for VodafoneLive! - the first mobile multi-media proposition in Europe which transformed the way we communicate today - and he was an Executive Vice President at T-Mobile International based in Bonn, Germany working in Group Marketing and also Group HR). Currently George is a Senior Partner at (Mercer) Oliver Wyman and is responsible for their Telecom, Media & Technology business in UK/Ireland.

In his spare time George is involved with charity work, plays tennis, cycle, jog and enjoy time with his family (wife Sally, daughter Sabrena, aged 11 years, and son Simeon, aged 7 years).

George regards his entry into politics as a continuation of his mission in life - that is, to show that anything is possible in the UK no matter one's class background or racial origins.

George joined the Conservative Party in 2007 and was selected as a priority candidate (A list) within a very short space of time. The Conservative Party believes that his real world experiences will be invaluable in Parliament and the fact that he is not a 'career politician' would be a refreshing change for the people of Holborn & St. Pancras.

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