Dr Frank Lie 李宏耀先生


Date 23 September 2009  Interviewed by Simon Cheung
Language English    

Dr Frank Lie is cardiologist working for National Health Service. He is also Director of registered charity Tzu Chi Foundation UK. He has a very traditional Chinese up bringing, with Buddhism as his major orientation. He advises his patient to be a vegetarian on Health ground. He has lived in many countries in South East Asia, and has some in-sight into traditions and festivals in that part of the world.

For Dr Lie, traditionally in the East, people are more conservative and hold on to traditional value more deeply without much of appetite in challenging or changing them. When he came to UK, he still follow this tradition, works with the system in the West. By and large, there is no contradiction in the value of East and West that is civilized, peaceful and rewarding. Sometime he feels that he is better equipped in facing the challenges by resorting to the teaching of Confucius and Buddhism where challenges are considered as a fresh opportunity. Many festivals are in grain in agrarian society where living is much more difficult because of lack of resources than modern living in the West. Understanding the meaning of festivals is an opportunity to be joyful, and reflect upon hardship that people face in day to day living. It is also an opportunity to educate younger generation in accepting harmony in the family and society as an important virtue of living a good life.