Prof Zheng Xiao Guo 郭正晓教授


Date 11 December 2014 Interviewed by Rosa Kurowska
Language English Audio Edited by Sherri Wong
Venue University College London    

Professor Zheng Xiao Guo was born in rural China and has three brothers and two sisters. He left his village to travel to North Eastern University, Shenyang, in 1979, for his undergraduate studies in Materials Science. After graduation he was one of five students selected by the British Council for the TC Scholarship to take up graduate studies in the UK. In September 1983 he came to study at Manchester University, where he completed his PhD.

As professor of Materials Chemistry and a specialist in Nano-Technology at the UCL Chemistry department his research focuses on multiscale syntheses and simulations of materials and nanostructures for applications in clean energy, information technology and healthcare.

Professor Guo is also involved in international relations at the university as UCL's Pro-Provost for China. He contributes to UCL's overall international strategy and oversees UCL's specific interactions with China. He is the Chair of the Education Ice-Breakers of the 48 Group Club, promoting positive education and education-business links between the UK and China; and an Overseas' Expert Adviser to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was the "Focal-Point" for UK-China collaborations in Nanotechnology and Materials Science, appointed by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and the Foreign Commonwealth Office, to promote UK-China collaborations in the subject area. He has been involved in and facilitated various UK-US, UK-Japan, UK-China and UK-Korea clean energy and nanotechnology links.