Dr Chi Man Kwong 鄺智文博士


Date 10 January 2017 Interviewed by Chungwen Li
Language English Audio Edited by Vivien Tang
Venue Hong Kong Transcription by Alfred Sloley

Dr Chi Man Kwong was born and raised in Hong Kong and had completed his doctorate degree in Cambridge, United Kingdom. His interest lies in military history in East Asia. He is against the narrative of historical determinism or predestined explanation of history, and thinks that history is full of possibilities opened to counter-factual assessment. Through looking at sources from both the losing and victorious sides, Kwong believes that this can provide a more coherent account of how events evolved against the context. Kwong also believes that Chinese history should not be seen from a “China-centered” perspective if we can examine it through a broader lens--a regional perspective taking into account other Asian countries that have long played a role in affecting China. This is particularly important because since the 15th Century, China has been exposed to a continued exchange of global ideas, capitals, and population. Provided that global interconnection has been a crucial factor framing the Chinese history, Kwong believed that Chinese history could only be sensibly understood by showing the awareness to acknowledge such undercurrent posed by globalisation.

Kwong is the author of Old Soldiers Never Die (老兵不死:香港華籍英兵), Road to Liberation (重光之路:日據香港與太平洋戰爭), and the co-author of Eastern Fortress, among many other of his publications. He is now the Assistant Professor at the Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University.

(Profile by: Gregory Choi)