Ms Lisa Mok 莫麗霞女士


Date 17 July 2014 Interviewed by Ben Fielden
Language English Audio Edited by Ben Fielden 
Venue Wai Yin Society, Manchester    

Lisa Mok was born in Hong Kong and came to the UK in 1993. She completed a bachelor degree in Nursing in Australia before coming to study for a masters degree in Education at the University of Manchester. She has since then stayed in Manchester completing a bachelor degree in Social Work and has focused her career in community work.

Lisa worked for Manchester Care to develop a Chinese service as part of the organisation's residential care and home services for the elderly. She worked there for two years before working at Wai Yin Society (previously called Wai Yin Chinese Women's Society). She started off as a Project Manager at Wai Yin Society and was then promoted to Assistant Director.

Wan Yin Society was established in 1988 to provide support for Chinese women in Manchester. Since then the organisation has expanded their services to meet the needs of all ethnic and age groups within and around the area. Lisa likes to describe Wai Yin Society as "the community's helping hand".

Lisa enjoys working in community work because she likes working with people and seeing her work improve peoples' lives. She is known by her colleagues for working hard. She is getting better at finding her work-life balance by spending more time with family and friends.