Mrs Sherry Kuei-Chan 單桂秋林女士


Date 11 March 2014 Interviewed by Junping Zhang
Language English Audio Edited by Ben Fielden
Venue Kuei-Chan's House, London    

Mrs Sherry Kuei-Chan was born in Nanjing in 1948. Her family was originally from Shanghai but she grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, where she went to school before beginning her career as an English secretary. She also worked in German and American international trading companies' Taipei Branch offices. Sherry speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghai dialect and Minnan/Fujian dialect.

When the family moved to Hong Kong in 1975, she joined Chinese trading department, specialised in importing American and European duty free consumer goods, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment to China. She had many opportunities to travel around China in those early days.

In 1996 the family moved to London because their three daughters were attending boarding school in England. She and her husband Dr Chan Cheng still live in West London – spending half their time enjoying their retirement, and the other half devoting their time to the Chinese community and charity works. Sherry is very active in charity work and is currently the President of The UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture as well as trustee for many charitable organisations.

Sherry has a passion for collecting art and antique furniture. She enjoys traditional Chinese opera as well as modern art including films and dance.

Sherry sees herself as a traditional Chinese who has been living overseas for over half a century and she wants to preserve Chinese culture. She believes the concept of 'Global Village', and that one should be a citizen of the world.