Mr Wai Sang Wong 黃惠生先生


Date 14 March 2014 Interviewed by Chungwen Li, Aubrey Ko
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Sherri Wong
Venue Che Kung Tong Chinese Association (UK), Liverpool    

Wai Sang Wong was born in Hong Kong. He came to the UK in 1960 because of the high unemployment rate and adverse economic conditions in Hong Kong. He was a waiter and dish washing worker in restaurants. Suggested by his uncle in the UK he decided to leave Hong Kong. Wai Sang Wong worked in catering industry and also managed his own grocery shop until he retired.

Wai Sang Wong is the Chair and Ordinary Committee Member of Che Kung Tong Chinese Association (UK). In the old days, Che Kung Tong aimed to help those unemployed and homeless people. They also helped sailors who temporarily stayed and waited for work arrangement at the docks in Liverpool.

At the most prosperous period of Che Kung Tong, all the Chinese in Liverpool were their members. Because of the great influence and reputation of Che Kung Tong, employers would only hire their members.

Today Che Kung Tong has approximately 200 members and most of them are elderly. Che Kung Tong will host festive celebrations and gatherings, they also help members dealing with funeral arrangements.