Mr Lincoln Lim 林健先生


Date 25 June 2014 Interviewed by Sherri Wong
Language English Audio Edited by Ben Fielden
Venue Camden Chinese Community Centre    

Lincoln came to England from India at the age of 16. Shortly, after his arrival he had to start working to help support the family. After doing different jobs he eventually joined IBM and worked for them for 30 years until 2000.

On taking early retirement he decided to join Camden Chinese Community Centre as a Trustee. Circumstances were such that the Centre decided to employ him as a Development Manager to help resolve the purchase of an unworkable building they had bought.

Although unfamiliar with Centre's work or the Public Sector Lincoln rapidly assimilated the knowledge to lead the Centre to its position today: a sustainable and viable organisation that owns its own premises and is well respected by many for its services to the community. Lincoln is currently the Centre's Chief Executive Officer.

Lincoln has two sons and enjoys spending time with his family, particularly his four young grandchildren who help him in the garden at every opportunity.