Lady Katy Blair, MBE 謝錦霞,MBE


Date 12 May 2013 Interviewed by Ben Fielden
Language English Audio Edited by Ben Fielden 
Venue Islington Chinese Association     

Katy was born and educated in Hong Kong and first came to the UK in 1979 to train as a legal secretary and before completing her Postgraduate studies in Social Policy & Public Administration.

Katy is married to a High Court Judge of England and Wales. In 1986, she co-founded the Islington Chinese Association in London. Katy's roles include managing the Association as well as raising funds towards the Association's services and activities.

Over the years, Katy has helped the Islington Chinese Association develop into a Centre of Excellence providing diverse community services to the Chinese as well as the wider community in London. Katy devotes much of her time working with the community. She served as a Trustee and Board Member in many different organisations including the Mulan Theatre Group, the Middlesex University Chinese Medicine Programme Bursary Committee, Chinese in Britain Forum, London Chinese Community Network, London Chinese Healthy Living Centre as well as being Non-Executive Director of the London Islington Primary Care Trust.

In 1991, Katy co-founded the ICA Singing Group which aims to empower Chinese women through vocal training, singing and public performances. In 1999 Katy co-founded Chinese for Labour which promotes active participation in politics and public life amongst the Chinese community. Then in 2009, Katy also helped set up the Mulan Awards with the objective to celebrate the many fantastic achievements of Chinese women in the UK as well as promote recognition of their tremendous contribution to society. Mulan Awards is now a registered charity providing support for women in areas of volunteering, training, and employment. In 2004, Katy was awarded the MBE because of her services to the community.