Mr Stewart Yip 葉劍橋先生


Date 18 July 2014 Interviewed by Ben Fielden
Language English Audio Edited by Ben Fielden 
Venue K2 Karaoke, Manchester    

Stewart Yip was born in Hong Kong and emigrated to the UK with his parents in his early teens first settling in Oxford before moving to Manchester, Lancashire.

In 1980 Mr Yip founded Chi Yip Ltd. with frozen meat wholesale as its core business. Later he set up his own production lines to produce innovative labour-saving products for the UK catering industry and also branched out to become a notable oriental food and groceries retailer and property developer.

In 1997 he expanded the Chi Yip Cash and Carry to carry thousand of kinds of rollover stock. Other establishments followed including a duck farm in Norfolk, England and a king prawn farm in Thailand and recently an EU approved poultry plant in Shandong, China with products being exported to Japan, UK and Europe. He also became involved in the restaurant business, opening the 9000 sq ft Ocean Treasure Seafood Restaurant in 1999 in Middleton. With his inspiration from tours of Northern China, in 2003 Mr Yip brought to the UK a chain of restaurants specialising in genuine Beijing and Szechuan cuisines: the Red Chilli Authentic Beijing and Sichuan Restaurant soon became a popular Manchester establishment. Also in 2003, Stewart Yip brought all his businesses - Chi Yip Ltd, Ocean Treasure, Red Chilli and Land Treasure – together, registering as the Chi Yip Group Ltd. The latest project to be added to his business portfolio is an upmarket karaoke night club.

Under Mr Yip's progressive leadership Chi Yip has continued to grow and diversify in its thirty years of history to become a conglomerate of businesses providing job opportunities, quality products and trendy restaurants and leisure entertainment to the UK mainstream public. 1996 he was invited to be the Honorary President of Federation of Chinese Associations of Manchester. In 2009 his business acumen and contribution has been recognised and commemorated by UK Trade & Investment Great China Recognition Awards and he was named Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in the Ethnic Minority Business Forum(NW) Awards.

Apart from being very active in the business sector, Mr Yip also cares for the young and elders in the community. He always generously makes donations and helps setting up scholarships, charity and relief funds for young students, the poor, and victims of natural disasters. In 1998 he founded the Chinese Aid Trust and donated £50,000 to the Hope Project, Jinpin County,Yunnan Province, China. He was awarded with a Gold Medal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China to praise his kind contributions.

With the aim of providing a voice for the Chinese community of North West England in 2001 he co-founded the North West Chinese Council (NWCC) and was elected to be its Vice-President. In 2003 he was elected First Vice-President of Federation of Chinese Associations of Manchester (FCAM), a group which is involved in organising Manchester's annual Chinese New Year celebrations, and more recently, in 2005, he became the FACM President.

As an overseas Chinese, Mr Yip says he has dedicated himself to bridge the cultural, economic and friendship ties of China and UK. He sits as the chairman and president of numerous public offices the main purpose of which are for the promotion of trade and culture between China and UK. His positions include Director of Wuhan Overseas Interchange Association; Honorary President of Shantou Overseas Interchange Association; Director of China Overseas Friendship Association; Vice-President of Returned and Overseas Chinese Scholars Association; Overseas representative of the 10th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Honorary President of the Confederation of Chinese Associations of UK; Vice Chairman of the World Eminence Chinese Business Association; Director of the Overseas Interchange Association of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou; Economy Consultant of the CPPCC Liaoning Committee; Appointed Investment Agency of Shandong Weifang Municipal Government; Director of The China Overseas Exchange Association and most recently in 2013 he was elected President of the Confederation of Chinese Associations UK.