Mr Stanley Tse and Mr Tony Tse 謝貴全先生和謝漢榮先生


Date 27 January 2014 Interviewed by Aubrey Ko  
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Sherri Wong
Venue SeeWoo Foods Ltd.    

Brothers Stanley and Tony Tse established the SeeWoo Food Ltd in 1975 along with their older brother, Issy Tse. They opened their first supermarket together at 19 Lisle Street in London's Chinatown in the same year. Before they came to England, the Tse family ran a family business in Yuen Long, Hong Kong.

Their first supermarket was a success and they soon began to expand into the wholesale market, supplying restaurants and other supermarkets in the UK. However there were many restrictions on imports especially food products and so in 1986, the brothers established Way On Foods, a factory to produce authentic Chinese food products which could not be imported such as fish balls, rice noodles, beef meatballs and certain condiments.

Stanley Tse is the Chairman and Tony Tse is the Managing Director of the SeeWoo Group. A business employing over 400 workers. The group incorporates a wholesale, retail, manufacturing and restaurant sites (See Sushi and SeeWoo Restaurant).