Mr Shunyau Wong 黃順有先生


Date 10 May 2011 Interviewed by Jiali Xu
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Wilson Law, Jiali Xu
Venue Green Jade Restaurant, London    

Chef Shunyau Wong is originally from Hong Kong. Started to work at the age of twelve because of poverty, he likes making friends and practising Kung Fu, and is loved and cared for by his friends. He has learnt from Master Tsak-Foon Tang for culinary art, Master Ip Shui for Praying Mantis Boxing, and Master Saam-Choi Chan for White Eyebrow Boxing. The masters' wholehearted indoctrination is engraved on his mind. Chef Wong and his wife have established their business and raised five filial children, and gone through thick and thin together ever since they relocated to the UK 40 years ago.