Mr Michael Tan 陳聯福先生


Date 22 June 2011 Interviewed by Yatwan Hui
Language Cantonese Audio Edited by Jiali Xu
Venue Dumpling's Legend Restaurant, London    

Mr Michael Tan, from Malaysia, has been the Executive Chef of London's largest pan-Asian restaurant group - Restaurant Privilege - for a long time. Restaurant Privilege group currently owns twenty restaurants across London and offers a wide variety of Asian cuisines, ranging from Japanese, Cantonese, Peking, Taiwanese, Sichuan, Malaysian, Korean, modern Chinese, to the latest opening of 'Manchurian Legends' - the only restaurant in the UK that offers the rare, regional food from Dongbei, the north-east part of China, and has been chosen by Time Out as the Best Cheap Eats restaurant in 2011. Michael oversees the kitchens and all cooking matters in these restaurants, and has been a professional chef himself for several decades, with profound knowledge in pan-Asian cuisines.