Mr Hon Ming Lam 林漢明先生


Date 19 July 2014 Interviewed by Aubrey Ko
Language English Audio Edited by Coming soon
Venue Modern Chinese Cultural Services, Manchester    

Hon Ming Lam is the fourth child of a five-child family in Hong Kong. He came to the UK at the age of 17 to join his father who was running a Chinese restaurant in London Chinatown at the time, together with his mother. After finishing his A-levels, he worked in catering and retail for a period of time. Later on, he took his brother's advice and moved to Manchester in 1979, where he started running the Modern Chinese Cultural Service with his family. The cultural service aims to provide entertainment to the local Chinese population. It sells newspaper, magazines, video tapes, vinyl records and Chinese ornaments. It also offers a variety of traditional goods such as joss paper, incense, mahjong and cheongsam.

Today, Hon Ming has retired from his business, the cultural service he has been running for years will be sold soon. Upon retirement, he would spend time singing Cantonese opera, watching TV and spending time with his family.